Five Years Later: Shaun Sanders Startup

Shaun Sanders, whose story of growing up with dyslexia, putting his faith in his strengths and accepting his weaknesses through high school, college, and then law school was featured on Dyslexia Help a few years ago. Nearly 5 years later, Shaun has launched a startup with a goal of helping law students study more efficiently for the Bar exam.

Bar Prep Buddy™ is a free Artificial Intelligence-powered application that allows students to master the material, not just memorize it. By utilizing engaging infographics and drawings, the app offers useful teaching methods for all kinds of learning styles. Bar Prep Buddy™ was designed to be the last learning supplement you’ll need to prep for the Bar exam. Sanders is excited to share his creation with current law students looking to get an edge or 3L’s and recent graduates looking to freshen up their skills. Learn more about the free program here.