Here at DyslexiaHelp, we’re always on the hunt for new, innovative educational technologies that will make learning more fun, engaging, and effective. Luckily for us, so are the folks who run the annual Bett Conference. Bett (British Educational Training and Technology Show) is a technology event that has been bringing innovation and inspiration to the education sector for over 30 years. Check out these five learning tools that were on display at this year’s BETT conference:

  1. The Mystery of Athena – NVIDI

    This is a customizable educational video game for children. Children can control an avatar using the tablet’s touchscreen. The educational element comes when you interact with other characters. They offer multiple choice quizzes that can be customized by teachers to reflect their curriculum

  2. Galaxy Tab 4 Education – Samsung

    Samsung has produced a tablet specifically for classroom needs. The device integrates Google Play for Education, which provides access to plenty of approved teaching content.

  3. Maths in Motion – Jaguar and Toshiba

    This encourages children to learn math through a fun challenge – building an F1 racer. Students use math skills including geometry and algebra to design and build their own racing car. The best cars from around the world are then chosen to compete in a race.

  4. Initio – TTS

    This is a robot that can be assembled and programmed by students in order to teach them high-demand computing skills.

  5. ExamPen – Scanning Pens

    This orange pen helps students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia to read and understand questions. The scanning technology in the pen instantly comprehends written text, displaying it on a larger L.E.D. screen and reading it aloud to the student through built-in-speaker or through headphones.

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