Equipped for Reading Success

Equipped For Reading Success is a comprehensive step-by-step program that bolsters phonemic awareness and fluent word recognition in order to promote orthographic mapping.

The academically sourced program created by Dr. David A. Kilpatrick presents more than 20 strategies to improve memory and effortless word retrieval skills in order to overcome reading difficulties for early level readers. The program's step-by-step nature makes it difficult for students to get stuck at any single point, and four forms of the Phonological Awareness Screening Test (PAST) can be used to track readers progress throughout the duration of the program. Once teachers get acquainted with the included teaching resources, including countless examples, exercises, and activities, as well as field studies and research, the program is easy to implement in a classroom setting and students find the programming to be engaging, palatable, and accessible. Are you looking for a resource that can help you teach students how to overcome reading difficulties? Learn more about this program at the Equipped For Reading Success website.