Learning Ally Audio

For many with reading difficulties, having text read out loud to them as they follow improves their reading abilities. Learning Ally Audio is a free app which contains over 75,000 audiobooks to help those with difficulties in reading.

This app comes with a variety of tools to help compensate for reading abilities, including a 10 second rewind option which allows you to quickly and easily play back the audio so you can reinforce words and phrases you may have missed while following along. This app does require a Learning Ally membership (a professional refers you), but the app is completely free for any tablet or smartphone. A Learning Ally membership gives you access to the largest collection of narrated audio books, including textbooks, literature,  and other recorded books, all on hand to provide narrated text to help improve reading abilities. The Learning Ally Audio is useful for both students with dyslexia and blind or visually impaired students.

Learning Ally Website: https://www.learningally.org/