Read&Write’s newest addition to their collection of text-help products is an application for your iPad or Android tablet designed to help those with dyslexia or other language-learning disabilities. The app’s unique keyboard comes with countless features to help write almost anything, from emails to social media statuses to essays. The keyboard’s “Speak as I Type” and word prediction features are formulated to make typing any content easy and fast. Additional features like talking and picture dictionaries are included to help the user improve his writing skills.

Read&Write for iPad is not only useful for typing essays or emails, but also for reading content on Safari. When using the application with Safari, simply touch the line of text you wish to have read out loud. Reading assistive features, like the talking and picture dictionaries and on-screen highlighting, make reading an easier task for students with dyslexia.

The application is free for a 30-day trial period, and if you choose to purchase Read&Write Premium you will have access to even more helpful language-learning features.

To view the entire Read&Write’s collection of assistive technology products, check out their website. Or go straight to starting your free trial here for iPads or here for Android tablets.

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