Leana Greene, serial entrepreneur and successful dyslexic, entered parenthood wanting a resource that would give her all of the answers that juggling three kids would produce. She decided to create the resource herself, and soon became both founder and CEO of Kids In The House, the largest parenting video library in the world.

The website is filled with answers and how-to’s for any topic of parenthood-- including an entire section on special needs. Here, parents can browse through and watch thousands of videos provided by hundreds of experts on any number of special needs discussions. Doctors, pediatricians, educators, psychologists, and other leading experts give advice regarding dyslexia, mental health disabilities, autism, ADD/ADHD, and more. The site even has a support section, where parents can find information on special needs diagnosis, IEPs, and learning disabilities evaluations.

Beyond special needs and learning disability advice and information, Kids In The House is a great and abundant resource for any caregiver. The site covers every age group from infancy to teens, and has videos on every topic from academics to mental health.

Visit Kidsinthehouse.com to see all of the video resources available on the site, or check out their special needs section here for information on dyslexia and other learning disabilities.