Scrible is a “modern research platform” for both the professional and academic setting that helps with planning and composing articles, academic paper, and reports. For the individual, the program has a PDF viewer and annotator that allows the user to save, highlight, comment on, and annotate webpages and online articles. Scrible’s library of your saved PDFs and webpages is text-searchable and shareable, so the user can easily browse his or her own pool of research. The program allows for easy collaboration and sharing, with sharable annotations, PDFs, web pages, a live chat option, and a cloud service.

There are three versions of this software: Student, Educator, and Administrator. The student version comes with auto-citation and bibliography aid, as well as GoogleDoc integration. Teachers can use the Educator’s version to see all of his or her students’ research progress, and allows the teacher to help steer students towards credible resources and proper research methods. The administrator’s version comes with professional development settings and resources for an administrator’s community. All versions of this platform are designed to make modern, digital research more organized and productive.

Learn more about Scrible here at their website.