This is continued from the blog entry Top 10 Ways to Succeed on the Job – Part One.

Number 5. Have a shine on your shoes. I know it may seem like a copout to dress up for work. However, this is the first thing people notice about you. Sloppy or provocative clothes count against you.

Number 4. Use a launch pad. A launch pad is a visible basket or space at home or the office, where you always put your most important stuff: wallet, checkbook, car keys, and work files.

Number 3. Use a cheat sheet. Unlike school, in real life you’re allowed to use cheat sheets. Put words you have difficulty spelling and important information on a 3x5 card and laminate it. Keep it in your pocket or wallet.

Number 2. Take control. When someone is giving you a long list of directions or information, take control. This can be very politely done by asking them to wait while you get a piece of paper and a pencil so you can write it down. Don’t be afraid to ask them to wait or spell names out. Actually, this gives the impression that you really care about what they’re saying.

Finally, the Number One Way to Succeed on the Job is use technology. The new generation of smart phones is a dyslexic’s dream. The calendars are easy-to-use and have multiple alarms to remind you about due dates and appointments. They also have dictation apps that let you write e-mails and check the spelling of words. Laptops with dictation software work better for longer projects. Smart pens allow you to record meetings or conversations while you take notes. If you get confused or can’t remember what was said, you can easily go back and listen to that part of the conversation.

We live in a world that has lots of tools that can make our lives easier. However, it takes a while to learn how to use them well. If you have difficulty using one of these tools, don’t be afraid to ask a professional or e-mail me with your questions.

Be well and make a bit of noise,

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Dr. Michael Ryan


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