With your help and belief, your child will succeed

This section is designed with you, the parent, in mind. Our goal is to provide pertinent, helpful information about the signs and symptoms of dyslexia, as well as appropriate testing, diagnosis, and intervention for children and teens with dyslexia.

We take you from the first steps, when you are beginning to think there may be a problem; to finding the right type of treatment; to knowing how to handle the later stages, such as transitioning your child to college.

Importantly, what we want you to know is that with intervention and support, your child will learn to communicate and read, spell, and write. He or she can be successful at school and pursue a meaningful, fulfilling career. We encourage you to read through our Dyslexia Success Stories section to see what exciting, rewarding lives other dyslexic individuals have gone on to lead.

One of our Success Stories, Malcolm Alexander, encourages your child to "Find the thing that you do best and forget about the rest." Your child may struggle with literacy, but he or she has talents, too. Nurture those talents and strengths! Success starts here!