Outline for a Parent/Caregiver Letter for your Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meeting


Parent Report: (Child’s Name)

Date of Meeting:

Submitted by:


  • Always start your letter positively (talk about accomplishments)
    • E.g. “We have seen tremendous growth in our son this year. In addition to his improved grades, we have witnessed new development in the areas of language, reading speed, and self-esteem.”
    • Give specific examples

School-based contributions to his improvement:

  • Highlight teacher and support staff methods
    • E.g. “Mrs. Clarke’s teaching style has been a true gift to our son. The structure, predictability, and consistency of her class have allowed our son to develop confidence, competence, and a wonderful sense of security.”

Home program or at-home activities:

  • Describe how school work and school-based friendships carry over at home
    • E.g. “Our son has enjoyed trips to the library and showed enthusiasm when selecting a book for home reading. His independence and confidence in completing homework assignments has improved.”

Areas of Concern:

  • Clearly identify problems or weaknesses that you think need extra work
    • Organizing homework assignments
    • Self-advocacy skills
    • Academic support/tutoring


  • Be as specific and directive as possible
    • Pro-active safety instruction followed by positive reinforcement
    • Social skill instruction during lunch or recess
    • Instruction on self-advocacy strategies: raising hand, requesting time-out, etc.
    • Daily priming/prepping for next day’s lessons
    • Schedules/calendars
    • Use of assistive technology in the classroom


  • Thank you for your time and commitment