This month, I am turning Ask Dr. Pierson around to Dr. Pierson Asks. I am asking you to help.

In my “Ask Dr. Pierson” column, I typically write about a dyslexia-related issue that has been asked of me by one of you. This month, I am turning that around to “Dr. Pierson Asks.” I am asking you to help.

Dr. Joanne Pierson

We are nearing the season of giving and this month I am writing to tell you about an opportunity for you to help us. DyslexiaHelp is entering its 7th year of providing information to individuals like you at no charge. We have been able to do this largely because of the vision and primarily the generosity of one man, our founding father, so to speak. He had a vision that no matter where people live or what their means they have access to state-of-the-art information about dyslexia.

Since our launch in 2010, it has been my privilege to not only manage the website, but to provide help and guidance to over 1200 inquiries from parents, professionals, and dyslexics. I personally respond to every inquiry. Some of the stories are heartbreaking—parents desperate to find quality services for their child who is struggling to learn and reach his or her potential. Some of these stories have moved me to tears. I am committed to providing information that is evidenced-based and meets the International Dyslexia Association’s guidelines of Structured Literacy. Here is what one parent wrote:

"I contacted your organization last February about my son and his difficulties in school. My husband and I suspected a problem but couldn't get the school to listen. You [Dr. Pierson] referred me to Dr. Ryan and we just finished up our assessments and my son is severely dyslexic. While saddened about this I am so thankful I took your advice and trusted my gut and got him tested. We are looking forward to getting on track this school year."

Our good work is totally supported by donations. None of our operating dollars comes from the University of Michigan. We need your help to continue to offer this services to those in need!

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On Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2016, DyslexiaHelp will be asking for your financial support. Every donation counts. 100% of your donation will go toward maintaining DyslexiaHelp as a free resource. Please give as generously as you can. The many thousands of people who benefit from our website thank you!

Most sincerely,

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