Goal setting is an important part of the learning process, from elementary school through college. But for many dyslexics, setting goals and staying on track is difficult due to Executive Function Disorder.

Many times students get distracted while completing a task or have a hard time planning ahead, and in addition, have pressure to get good grades and meet state and national standards on tests. For parents and teachers, it may be easy to see the frustration on their faces as they’re not meeting certain expectations.

LD Online has a few tips for parents and teachers to help kids set and reach their goals, as well as learn habits that will stick with them for life. Adults are encouraged to ask kids about their desires and dreams and listen to them — that way, adults can help kids start to shape their goals. Though some kids may have unrealistic ideas for the future, it’s best to help them mold those dreams into something more realistic.

They also suggest helping kids through the learning disability to reach those goals, and to show perseverance in working towards their goals. In addition, adults are should teach children to handle setbacks and failure, and to encourage children that you can be successful, even with a learning disability.