Making people laugh is what Angie Le Mar does best, but her life has been far from easy. Born and raised in London of Jamaican descent, Le Mar has struggled with dyslexia from a young age. School was always difficult for her, but it wasn’t until she had completed her education that she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Although she still struggles with this learning disability on a daily basis, Le Mar has achieved great success as a comedian, actor, writer, director, presenter, and producer.

Le Mar has had many firsts as a black female entertainer. She was the first female stand-up comedian on the Black British comedy circuit and also held the first ever sell-out show by a female black comedian. In addition to these noteworthy accomplishments, Le Mar has appeared on numerous television programs and performed at live shows, making her name well-known in the comedic world. She began her entertainment career in drama when she was young, and found her passion for stand-up comedy in her early adulthood. From being a celebrity, her goal is to inspire others to do what they love, despite the challenges in front of them.

Le Mar talks about dyslexia in today’s acting industry and what it’s like to be a celebrity with dyslexia in this short video.