This story was submitted to us by a dyslexic teacher/tutor of dyslexic children.

I graduated from college in the late 60's with a BA in English and an Elementary Teaching certificate. School was hard for me and I recently learned I have mild to moderate dyslexia. I did not receive help from the university but what I find more irritating is that in my education program, there was no mention of dyslexia.

For years, teaching in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Arizona, and Utah, I did not know about dyslexia and often treated these bright kids badly, thinking they were just lazy and were not trying. I often worked in Title I trying to help kids with reading difficulties.

When teaching in California (2001 to 2007), I found myself again asked to teach reading in a pull out class. I got a masters in reading. From all my classes there was one paragraph about dyslexia and it was inaccurate stating that dyslexia was rare. By this time I had discovered Bright Solutions and had taken several courses from Susan Barton. I was forced to teach my dyslexic students with an Orton Gillingham program secretly since the district did not want to hear the "D" word and forbade me from using it.

From 2002 to present I started to have private students and now have nine private students in Montana. I am almost 70 and am retired—but not—I will continue to tutor dyslexic children as long as I can drive and think clearly.

I am glad U of M is recognizing dyslexia and hope that it is being taught to all teacher candidates. I regret that I was not helped.