• Alex Green
    This Green Bay Packers player discovered he was dyslexic through exploring his talents on the football field.
  • Ally VanTimmeren Success Story
    Boston College women's basketball forward Ally VanTimmeren works hard on and off the court.
  • Ann Bancroft
    Ann Bancroft’s life is full of firsts: In 1986, she became the first woman to cross the ice of the North Pole, traveling 1,000 miles by dogsled.
  • Billy Blanks
    The famed Taebo expert discovered his dyslexia late in life, but is still a successful body-shaping sensation.
  • Former NHL star, Brent Sopel, shares his lifelong struggle with dyslexia
  • Success Story: Carrie Lofgren
    Carrie Lofgren was a member of the national champion U-M varsity women’s rowing team throughout her career at the University of Michigan. A dyslexic, Lofgren was one of three students who advocated for university support services for students with disabilities while a freshman.
  • Success Story: Chris Heald
    Chris Heald, a fifth-year senior with the U-M men’s varsity wrestling team in 2015, was one of four wrestlers at U-M to be named as Big Ten Conference Distinguished Scholar Award recipients. Chris has dyslexia.
  • For 59-year-old Duncan Goodhew, his career in the swimming pool was more to him than just a competitive sport.
  • Frank Gore
    This San Francisco 49ers running back has struggled with dyslexia, but has still gone on to become a professional football player.
  • Success Stories: Gary Payton II
    Gary Payton II has an ongoing struggle with self-confidence due to his dyslexia, but he has not let those doubts cripple his promising career.
  • Greg Louganis
    Even one of the world’s greatest divers ever has overcome some setbacks.
  • Jared Blank is running marathons to bring more awareness to dyslexia.
    Jared Blank is bringing awareness to Dyslexia, seven marathons at a time.
  • Jeremy Bonderman
    Jeremy Bonderman’s Major League Baseball career almost didn’t exist because of his dyslexia.
  • Success Story: Jewell Loyd
    The WNBA’s #1 Draft pick of 2015, Jewell Loyd, went through a lot of hoops to secure her spot on the Seattle Storm basketball team.
  • Joe Whitt
    Assistant Coach of the Green Bay Packers, Joe Whitt, struggled with dyslexia from an early age.
  • Jovan Haye
    Jovan Haye overcame dyslexia (and several other obstacles) to become a professional athlete.
  • Justin Wilson
    IndyCar driver Justin Wilson is no stranger to hard work and perseverance.
  • Magic Johnson
    Magic Johnson may be most famous for his project in public awareness to help combat HIV. But there was another disability Johnson struggled with in his youth — dyslexia.
  • Mark Schlereth
    Not being able to read until he was in middle school didn’t stop Mark Schlereth from becoming a successful NFL player.
  • Two-time Olympic ice skater Meryl Davis has made a name for herself across the world as being one of the best in her sport. However, what most people don’t know about Davis is that she also has dyslexia.
  • Success Story: Muhammad Ali
    This successful boxer developed a reading program inspired by his struggles with dyslexia.
  • Nolan Ryan completed 27 seasons as a Major League Baseball pitcher before retiring in 1993, the longest career of any major league baseball player. But his academic status was not as successful as athletic skill. Ryan’s dyslexia proved to be just as tough as the sports he played.
  • Rex Ryan
    The New York Jets coach embraces his dyslexia and encourages fellow dyslexics to do the same.
  • Sam Allardyce, former soccer player and current manager of the soccer club Sunderland in England, failed his high school exams in 11th grade. Undiagnosed at the time, the young Allardyce learned to focus on what he was good at and not beat himself up over what the school system told him he was bad at.
  • Success Story: Scott Sonnon
    Scott Sonnon overcame very severe dyslexia and abuse by becoming a five-time world martial arts champion.
  • Considered one of the greatest rowers and Olympians of all time, Steve Redgrave has devoted much of his life to the sport.
  • Steven Naismith
    This star soccer player learned the true meaning of hard work, thanks to his dyslexia.
  • Success Story: Tim Tebow
    The former Denver Broncos quarterback gives talks about his dyslexia and reads "Green Eggs and Ham" aloud.