This 95-year old retired schoolteacher and dyslexic still hasn’t given up on helping others who share his disability.

Collin Corkum, of Modesto, CA, has devoted the past two years to co-authoring a book for dyslexics that gives step-by-step tips for improving their reading techniques and habits.

According to Corkum, his motivation to serve others was sparked by his own difficulty with undiagnosed dyslexia. At age 17, he left secondary school due to reading and writing difficulties, eventually landing a job with his city’s electric department. His efforts to improve his standing in life were thwarted by his dyslexia until, at age 40, he finally received a diagnosis and appropriate intervention.

Thanks to his sessions with a reading specialist, Corkum was able to earn a Master’s degree with an emphasis on reading and dyslexia, as well as his teaching credential (later, Corkum also earned a Ph.D. in behavioral science).

He spent 17 years in the Orange County, CA schools teaching special education with a focus on learning disabilities before taking a new position at the Orange County jail, where he helped inmates earn their GED’s.

Since authoring Dyslexia Breakthrough, Corkum has been tutoring individuals with learning disabilities free of charge.

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