Michigan artist and dyslexic, Eric Staib has a lot of talent to share with the world. His featured work, shown above, is a piece that is a direct reflection of his experiences with dyslexia. Titled “Labeled,” Staib’s goal was to use art as a way to visually express how he has felt all his life. He says, “‘Labeled’ was created using reject cans of paint nobody wanted. In a way, this is how most of us special education students feel and how we think our peers think of us.” However, Staib realizes that being dyslexic is okay, and sees it as a gift. Through his art, he is able to portray what many special education students cannot through words, a medium that is extremely powerful to its viewers. “Labeled” has been featured at the annual Art Prize art show in Grand Rapids, MI and is now on permanent display at the Michigan State University College of Education. Staib is an alumnus of Michigan State’s College of Arts and Letters and now is a visual arts teacher in Okemos, Michigan.

Check out the college textbook Reflect and Relate, in which Staib is featured for his work relating to his dyslexia.