Jeremy Bonderman’s Major League Baseball career almost didn’t exist because of his dyslexia.

In 2001, when Bonderman was just a junior in high school, he was drafted as the 26th overall pick in the MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics.

Though he was a quick selection, the Athletics general manager was hesitant to sign a contract with Bonderman because he "didn’t want to give $1.5 million to someone who can't read or write."

However, Bonderman’s pitching ability proved worth it, and he was signed that year. Bonderman was eventually traded to the Detroit Tigers, where he became one of the youngest pitchers to start in the majors.

He went on to have a stellar few years with the Tigers, helping Detroit make a run to the 2006 World Series. Bonderman was injured in 2008 and 2009, and is looking to make a comeback in 2013.