• Progression-A Digital Story
    Nick Damato shares his early classroom experiences through the eyes of a dyslexic, highlighting how some of us learn in a different way.
  • Anna Brown
    The following story was submitted to us via email by Joshua Brown and was written by Anna's mother, Sarah J. Brown.
  • Jake Sage
    Middle-school dyslexic student ​Jake Sage combines a positive attitude and hard work with personalized strategies to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Nine-year-old Lillian Harris used to approach speaking aloud in school with alarm and dread, but upon learning she has dyslexia, her confidence in school has grown dramatically.
  • Omari McQueen smiling while holding a bunch of grapes.
    Omari McQueen is a TV Chef, Entrepreneur, CEO, and author all at the age of 12.
  • Success Story: Quinn Lathrop
    Quinn Lathrop is an amazing 11-year-old who embraces his dyslexia as a gift and is passionate about educating the world about his gift.