Journalist Robyn Curnow describes dyslexia as a gift.

Growing up, Curnow found it very difficult to learn. She described that her second-grade teacher created a new failing grade specifically for her and once got so frustrated with Curnow’s difficulty in math that she threw a textbox at her. Although she was forced to repeat the second grade, Curnow’s success was not hindered. After undergrad, she went on to Cambridge University and received a Master’s degree in international relations. She then got involved in journalism which she views as a “dyslexic dream job.” Although she struggled with problems from an early age, she wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until adulthood. Curnow noticed the same struggles she faced in her children, which is when she realized she had dyslexia. She now advocates for the idea that dyslexia fosters her creativity. She is most known for her time anchoring on the CNN newsroom.