After getting asked to leave her private kindergarten in Manhattan because of her reading struggles, Skye Lucas enrolled at the Windward School in White Plains which specializes in helping students with language-based learning disabilities return to the mainstream.

The school’s program is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach that teaches kids who can’t read well skills that help them compensate and learn. With the multi-sensory approach to teaching, Lucas was able to return to traditional school in the third grade, feeling much more confident and focused.

She now enjoys reading and is thriving in school, having been accepted into every high school to which she applied.

Lucas’ mother, Geralyn Lucas, is hosting a program with Sally Shaywitz, co-director of the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, to talk to New York City schools about dyslexia. They hope to show that students with dyslexia are great assets to schools.

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