Former teacher Sonya Bridges is using the lessons she learned from battling with her own dyslexia to help fight against the illiteracy that plagues society today.

Bridges always struggled in school. She had to study harder than her peers to achieve the same results, and always had reading problems. She never understood why until she was an adult and her young cousin was diagnosed with dyslexia. Bridges, recognizing her cousin’s symptoms as her own, decided to have herself tested, too. Finally armed with the knowledge that she is indeed dyslexic, Bridges set out to help not only herself, but others as well.

Bridges worked hard in her personal life as a teacher. She has earned several recognitions such as being named “Star Teacher” in the 2006-2007 school year, as well as being inducted into the “National Scholars Honor Society”. She decided to take a break from teaching in order to pursue a doctorate degree.

Currently, Bridges is expanding her work into her community by helping children who have learning disabilities. She authored a children’s book entitled "A Snail’s Pace", which teaches children about self-esteem, perseverance, and the importance of goal setting. Bridges also founded A Family Affair Foundation to provide dyslexic children and adults support and encouragement. Through this foundation, she is seeking to increase literacy efforts across the country and has helped pioneer dyslexia therapy programs in school.

Bridges knows all about the struggles that arise from dyslexia and is working hard to help alleviate those struggles for children today.