Yeoh Shu Wen Cassandra knows the feeling of having her confidence level hit rock bottom. As a student at a Chinese-medium school, Cassandra would try her hardest on her assignments and still receive failing grades. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t keep up with her peers academically, even though she seemed to put in so much extra effort in school.

With a diagnosis of dyslexia, Cassandra was able to receive the support she needed from both her parents and teachers. She learned to pay close attention to the specific areas of difficulty she was having. She sought out extra help from teachers, reduced her socialization time to make room for her studies, and experimented with different studying techniques.

Although frustrating at times, Cassandra’s efforts were not in vain. She scored straight A’s on her exams, emerged as a champion in a public speaking contest, and was a top scorer in a writing competition at school. She also contributes articles to a local newspaper and loves seeing her name in print.

Cassandra believes that it’s never too late to achieve something for yourself if you can believe in yourself.