Are you a dyslexic student preparing for the SAT?

If so, check out "Scholastic Aptitude Test Preparation for the Adolescent Dyslexic" by Lois Rothschild. Based on the known features of a specific language disability—including vocabulary deficits, difficulty discerning literal words from figurative words, difficulty summarizing reading passages, and deficits in abstract reasoning—Rothschild has developed specific recommendations regarding how dyslexics should study and prepare for their college entrance examinations. Through a highly structured program devoted to vocabulary development, increased understanding of test-taking strategies specific to the SAT, and patterned analysis of reading passages and reading comprehension questions, Rothschild offers dyslexic students a means of improving their SAT scores to reflect their true potential. Download Rothschild's article as a PDF.

As of January 2017, the College Board will implement its newer, friendly approach to students who need accommodations for the SAT. The rigorous process many students and school systems must go through will be cut down and students with learning disabilities will have easier access to separate rooms, extra time, and further accommodations.