Co-creator, executive producer, and writer of hit TV shows Glee and American Horror Story, Brad Falchuk has made a career out of his talents despite living with dyslexia.

In high school, Falchuk knew he learned differently from other kids, and said he always tried “to look smart because I didn’t feel smart”. In an interview, he recalled being insecure about his dyslexia, which was undiagnosed at the time. Because reading was a struggle for him, Falchuk was drawn to the creativity and visual appeal of television. He saw visual scenes as his “opportunity to connect with stuff” and wanted to share his own ideas and creativity with others.

His hope of making a career out of television was originally fueled by his own interest in the visual side of stories, and was eventually turned into a reality when he began studying at the American Film Institute. There, he broadened his interest in visual arts and began making a career that complimented his visual interests. Despite his struggles in school with dyslexia, Falchuk learned he could make a career out of his interest in the visual arts, and continued on to be one of Hollywood’s top television writer, producer, and director.

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