Trouble is amok in the kingdom of Sonnencrest, which has been conquered by the evil goblin empire of Globenwald. Will the princess Babette and the unlikely hero Darrow be able to save their kingdom? How will they find the courage to unite their country when they have never even seen battle?

If you’re looking for a fun, educational novel that your child or classroom will be sure to love, then check out The Sword of Darrow, coauthored by Hal Malchow and his son, Alex. Alex was only eight years old when they began writing the novel, and struggled with serious learning difficulties. He couldn’t read, and yet it was his own idea to write a book with his father. The novel’s message that anyone can accomplish great things if he has the courage to believe is proven by Alex’s own determination to write the book. Alex is now the recipient of the International Dyslexia Association’s Remy Johnston Award, which recognizes a young dyslexic student as a role model for others.

The Sword of Darrow has the highest Amazon customer rating of any of the top 60 bestsellers in the Children’s Action and Adventure and the Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy categories, and is sure to inspire children to reach for their dreams!