Guy Ritchie struggled with schoolwork. Unable to understand his struggles, Ritchie turned to being a troublemaker. He attended 10 different schools and was expelled at the age of 15 from one of the top private schools in the United Kingdom. He left school at 16 with only one general certificate of secondary education, in film studies. By the time Ritchie discovered he was dyslexic, he had given up in school. He found out early that he couldn’t do schoolwork, so turned to being disruptive. Despite this, he was always fascinated by stories. He loved to listen to stories on tape, with Sherlock Holmes being a particular favorite.

Eventually, Richie was able to turn his love of stories into a successful career. He became a well-known British filmmaker, best known for his film adaptations of Sherlock Holmes staring Robert Downey Jr. Despite his dyslexia, Richie is now a voracious reader. He learned to turn his struggles into major success.

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