Many dyslexics embrace a creative edge that allows them to find wild success. Tommy Hilfiger is no exception.

Recognized for their red, white, and blue rectangular logo, Hilfiger’s clothes became some of the most fashionable garments in the 1990’s. Although they were not considered high-fashion, Hilfiger’s marketing savvy allowed him to excel in the industry.

"I performed poorly at school, when I attended, that is, and was perceived as stupid because of my dyslexia," Hilfiger said. He never went to college, but he believes that his lack of formal training was actually an advantage in the marketing world. Because he thought differently than other designers, he was able to create unique clothes and designs that stood out in the stores.

Hilfiger recognizes that in order to succeed in life, it takes a lot of perseverance. He has definitely proven that fact.