IEPIf you're looking ahead towards an IEP Meeting for your child, we have some must-read pieces about what you should expect going into the meeting.

Unfortunately, IEP meetings don’t always seem to run as smoothly as they should. Team members may be unavailable; teachers may have difficulty leaving their classrooms; or the whole process might feel rushed. This is not how you want an IEP meeting to go. Your child is protected by certain laws that ensure he gets a fair and detailed IEP meeting. Being aware of these laws will definitely help you ensure that your child’s needs are fully addressed.

Parents are their child’s biggest advocate, and this information is guaranteed to help you become more informed in order to set up your child’s specialized education plan and yearly goals.

To learn how to write a letter to your child’s IEP team prior to the meeting, visit our IEP Parent Letter page. To read about what you should know before going in to your meeting, see The IEP Process: Everything You Need to Know. And finally, visit Good Communication in the IEP Meeting.

For additional information, check out the NCLD page on IEPs and 504 Plans.