Grammarly Grammar Check ApplicationGrammarly is an online grammar checking website that can scan essays, articles, and other documents to find mistakes in the text. The website’s program looks for over 250 grammar mistakes encompassed in seven areas: grammar, punctuation, spelling, enhancement, style, sentence structure, and plagiarism. Grammarly is compatible with both Microsoft Word and Outlook, but also has a drag-and-drop textbox that you can copy and paste any text into for review. It even has a vocabulary enhancement option, which suggests different word choice in order to OPTIMIZE the text’s impact. Grammarly goes beyond simply finding and correcting mistakes though, by providing error explanation with every mistake it finds. That way you not only learn what mistakes are being made, but learn how to spot them for yourself in the future. It is a great learning tool for students who have difficulties with spelling or grammar because it helps reinforce the rules of grammar and improves writing abilities. Students of any level can benefit from this proofreading website, especially those who struggle with essays or papers because of dyslexia or any other language-learning disability.

Grammarly does require a subscription for use, but it offers monthly, quarterly, and annual plans to fit the needs of the subscriber.

Visit the Grammarly website to learn more about Grammarly or sign up for a subscription.