Developmental milestones refer to age-specific functional tasks or activities that most children can do at a particular age. At each annual well-child visit, your pediatrician might ask you to describe your child’s skill level in a variety of areas including movement, language and communication, and cognition.

The following is a list of behaviors and skills that you might be asked to report:

  • Gross motor: large muscle movement used to stand, sit, walk, run, etc
  • Fine motor: small hand movements used for eating, drinking, dressing, writing and playing
  • Language: speaking, communicating, using nonverbal gestures to express thoughts/feelings and/or to respond to what others are saying
  • Cognitive: overall thinking skills involved in learning, problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering
  • Social: interacting with others, sharing and experiencing relationships with family and friends, cooperating and interpreting the emotional state of others