Taking positive steps

Living with a language or reading disability can greatly affect you, as well as those around you. As a species, we developed oral language because we are social beings; therefore, if you have difficulty communicating it can affect your social relationships.

With the invention of the printing press, we became literary beings; therefore a disability in reading limits and even prohibits one's access to the same kinds of information as others. If you can't read the print, you'll have a hard time getting the information. It doesn't take much to see that these situations can cause frustration, lack of motivation, feelings of low self worth, and/or a poor self-concept on the part of the individual with dyslexia. And, response to these types of negative feelings can spill over into the interactions with those most close to the dyslexic—his or her family.

Parents, spouses, and family members can be frustrated due to various reasons—a lack of understanding about what's happening, not understanding the disability, not knowing where to begin to find help, etc. As parents we can be at a loss and frightened when our child is not succeeding in school. Older individuals can become upset when one's job is threatened due to a reading disability. It isn't easy.

But there is hope. Many people have been in your child's shoes and were able to overcome the challenges associated with these disabilities. With the help of the information on this site, you can educate yourself, connect with a professional who can help, and begin to take the positive steps that will lead your child to success.

Success starts here!